The following eyewitness accounts of the pogrom in Kielce, reflects the perceptions and understanding of the few survivors at that time, who have personally witnessed the pogrom, gave testimony and have lived with its painful memories.

In one of the eyewitness accounts,Ten Years to the Kielce Riots, Rabbi Dawid Kahana reflected on the pogrom and what he witnessed in the courtroom during the subsequent trial. In this article, he gave a revealing description of some of the accused (page 260). They appeared to be ordinary people poisoned by hate to such a degree that they had no idea that they were acting in any way immoral. This warped moral framework could be viewed alone as an indictment of the Polish Church, which was so largely instrumental in shaping the perceptions of the Polish people towards their Jewish neighbors.


For further insight based on painstaking research, read Fear by Jan Gross

(the controversy over the book Fear).


The History of Anti-Semitism in Kielce, Poland

during the Holocaust Era (click)

by Rivka Schiller

24 April, 2002


Rivka Schiller, a fellow member of the Kieltzer Society, has written this scholarly and well documented historical review of the Jewish experience in Kielce through the post war period.



The Participation of Poles in Crimes Against Jews

in the Świętokrzyskie Region (click)

Alina Skibińska and Jakub Petelewicz

Translated from the Polish by Jerzy Michałowicz

Anti-Semitism and the Polish Church (click)

Before the war, anti-Semitism had deep roots in Poland. This anti-Semitism drew nourishment primarily from traditional “Christian” accusations and prejudices. Clearly, some of the material presented on this page appears inflammatory, however, one must bear in mind that confronting the past with integrity is not always easy. We cannot dismiss anti-Semitism by promulgating lies. Those who deny the strong tradition of Polish anti-Semitism and its tragic consequences, or approach historical and sociological questions doubting its significance, are only helping to perpetuate the obscene and false accusation that anti-Semitism among Poles comes with their mother’s milk.