The Kieltzer Society in New York celebrated it's 50 year Jubilee in 1954


Heading the Society were Messrs.:


I. Pienkowicz, Z. Sztajnhauer, M. Machtynger, W. Adler, S. Majerson, J. Minc, H. Dam, H. Moskowicz, Rabbi Meyer Blumenfeld, M. Zylbersztajn, R. Romberg, A. Rozencwajg, S. Wigan, M. Dziadek, R. Szugierman, P. Adler, J. Altman, Dr. A. Mantel, Dr. Rajzman and the honorary president, founder of the Society 50 years ago, H. S. Markowicz.


Aside from these names the following participate in the Society's activities: Messrs. M. Heller, M. Cytryn, H. Goldlust, S. Hejd, M. Fajgen, A. Cytryn, D. Herszkowicz, S. Hendler, S. Ezryng, S. Cwajgenbaum, J. Slimowicz, D. Moskowicz, F. Bimko, Professor A. Lewi and others.



The Society also had an aid committee of ladies from Kielce headed by: P. Rotkowski, R. Sejnes, H. Rozencwajg, D. Moskowicz, G. Goldsztajn, H. Cytryn, J. Dam, S. Pienkowicz, E. Machtynger, M. Heller, M. Majerson, R. Dziadek, S. Szugierman, L. Kirszenbaum and Goldlust.