The Kieltzer Sick & Benevolent Society of New York, Inc.

We, descendants of the Jewish community of Kielce are committed to the legacy of safeguarding memory. We have become the voice of our families that were brutally silenced. We will continue and supplement the mission of The Kieltzer Sick & Benevolent Society of New York, Inc. (“The Kieltzer Society”).

Through social activities and forums we intend to share our collective knowledge of our family experiences in Kielce, in order to educate ourselves, as well as, encourage educational outreach.

The succeeding generations of the Kieltzer Society seek to network with Kieltzers and survivor organizations throughout the world. In addition to celebrating the lives of the Jewish community of Kielce, we seek dialogue and understanding with the people of Poland, with truth in historical remembrance.

  • To learn more about the Jewish Community that once thrived in Kielce, and the activities of their descendants in commemorating and honoring the memory of their families, please also visit the Kielce Jewish Community Website in Israel.
  • For current news about the Descendants of Kielce see our Facebook page: Descendants of Jewish Kielce province

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