A Retrospective on the Pogrom

The Kielce of today is no longer the Kielce of the past

In 1990 two commemorative plaques were placed on the wall of the building on Planty Street – the scene of the pogrom. From that year on the local and regional authorities have been coming every July 4th to commemorate. Upon the initiative of Methodist pastor, Janusz Daszuta and Bogdan Bialek, Memory Marches were organized each year, beginning in 2000, from Planty Street to the Jewish cemetery.

Approximately 100 people participated in the march in 2008 – a positive sign of remembrance which is increasingly being accepted by the inhabitants of the city.

The Jan Karski Association, established in 2005, serves today as the conscience of Kielce and as the ongoing force for “Memory – Dialogue – Reconciliation” in Poland.

The city of Kielce has commemorates the pogrom every July 4th with the support and engagement of the President of Kielce, Wojciech Lubawski. Just prior to the commemoration of the pogrom on July 4, 2012, a delegation of the Kieltzer Society of New York, as well as, the Kielcer Organization of Israel was warmly received by the President of Kielce, Wojciech Lubawski, for a face-to-face dialog and reception at City Hall in Kielce (click).

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